Sleepover With the Hippos: Safari

Day 12 & 13 - Safari

Making history with the first ever light show in Chilinza village called for a celebration. So today, we piled 38 people into a tiny yellow bus and drove 5 hours to Mvuu Safari Camp. Five hours ended up being more like eight after the bus broke down, but we still made it eventually.


The camp was spectacular. We each stayed in these beautiful huts lining a river filled with wildlife. As I slept I could literally hear hippos calling outside my door. We were maybe only 50 feet from them. My adrenaline was pumping all night with a mix of fear and excitement. Yet, it was still one of the most peaceful sleeps of my life, being fully immersed in the sounds of nature like that.


We went on two safaris- one on land and the other in the river. We saw a plethora of hipps, some elephants, crocodiles, gazelle, etc. I never thought I’d get to go on a safari so even though I didn’t see a lion attack a zebra or something drastic of that sort, it was still incredible.