Queen of the Market: Church at Chilinza & Bargaining for Earrings

Day 9, Church and Market

To fully immerse ourselves in the village experience, today we attended church at Chilinza. The one room building at the edge of the village could hardly fit us and it’s regular attendees, but luckily that’s what floors and peering through windows is for. The pastor welcomed us and we sang before Pastor Kim took over and ran the show.


As you may know, Kim is my favorite human of all time. She’s goofy, crazy and always prepped with a sassy remark. So as you can imagine, her message was quite similar. She started out by having Martionne, a very large black man, arm wrestle with Tiger, a very frail Asian man. From there, the rest of the talk lasted upwards of two hours and was filled with Kim making random noises and laughing at the top of her lungs. My goodness, I adore her.

Aside from church we also went to a market today to spend our Kwacha (Malawian currency). I did my dad proud and bargained like a pro. At one point I said to a man named Joab, who was selling me a bottle opener made from cow bone, and I quote, “That’s my final offer or I’m walking” My flair for dramatics holds up even in Malawi. The entire negotiation process was quite the show and attracted a healthy audience. I also made friends with a man selling earrings, named Alex, so clearly I’m the queen of the market.