Jackson Pollock or 80 4th Graders? : Painting With the Kids in Chilinza Village

Day 6 - 3rd day in Chilinza

I woke up today feeling miraculously better and ready to re-join in the work. Z-Packs work wonders, let me tell you people.

We had a short chapel and headed to Chilinza to start working on our mural. As I got off the bus the kids all started chanting out my name. They remembered me! And they missed me! My formerly sick heart was overjoyed. We sang with them again and then went into our separate classrooms per usual. I started the class by telling them all how much I missed them while I was sick and they screamed back that they missed me too. My heart be still!

We then dove in again to the concepts of light and dark and really got to the tough questions finally. Our discussion lead to us talking about everything from death to whether you get to heaven just by being a good person or not. Now that’s what we’re talking about! This is the juicy stuff we were reaching for.

After some deep talks we broke the class into two and had half paint while the other half made fun little extra props. It was not an easy day. At one point it was just me and 50 or so kids. I luckily remained calm, but if you were to just judge based on my appearance, you would have thought I lost it. I had papers stuck all over me and my hair was a frazzled mess. It was great to see my reflection once I finally looked at myself on the bus.


The kids ended up creating a lovely, colorful, abstract background and they all loved getting to paint. They also found the garbage bags we made them wear as smocks to protect their clothes to be hilarious. It was a great day that left me feeling encouraged and on fire- albeit dead tired too.