Squishy & Allergic in Madrid: Back to Madrid

Day 10
Paris --> Madrid

Sadly, my fairy tale vacation is coming to an end and today is my last day with Blake. Whenever I start to act sad over it he calls it my squishy feeling, which instantly cheers me up, but I pretend it doesn’t so he’ll keep babying me. We took a flight from the world’s most confusing airport- Paris Orly International- to Madrid.

In Madrid, we navigated the metro to our last Air BNB which was almost as adorable as the one in Nice, but much bigger. Our host, Consuelo, was very helpful in her broken English. Then, officially now hangry, we left immediately to get food. We went to El Corte Ingles, the rooftop bar we had failed to eat at on our first night in Madrid. My strawberry mojito revived my half sleeping self a bit.

In Spain, the people have an unexpected love for Gin and Tonics. Or, Ginebra y Tonica, which I learned to say in Spanish after a few failed attempts of ordering the drink. Everywhere you go you see advertisements for it and everyone told us to get them while we were here. So, that’s what we did. We went to a nice restaurant with all wood interior and ordered gin and tonics, a drink I usually am not a fan of in America. But, the obsession with them in Spain is for good reason. They come in huge glasses and I’m not sure why they’re so much better, but they are.

The combo of alcohol and allergy medicine had me falling asleep face first on the restaurant’s community table so Blake took me home for a siesta. Guess I’m becoming a true Spaniard. Once I came back to life we set out to find paella and had a late dinner near our place before falling asleep.