Pad Thai & Glamour: Monaco

Day 6
Nice & Monaco

Today we woke up and ate breakfast from the groceries we bought in an attempt to save some Euros, then headed to Monaco. Well, we actually planned to go to Eze, but missed our numerous stops and ended up in Monaco, only 40 minutes or so away from Nice by train.

When I found out that Monaco was a whole other country (my geography knowledge is pretty much nonexistent) I was quite pleased. Another country to scratch off on my Urban Outfitters world map!

Monaco is pretty, but is more touristy and ritzy, taking away from its’ overall effect. We walked through the hills and got some macaroons before quickly losing interest and heading back to our beloved Nice. For dinner we searched the city for Thai food, which I was randomly craving, and then got drinks on the terrace of a trendy restaurant. Blake also informed me that he eats kiwis with the skin and all so naturally, not believing him, I bought one and forced him to prove it, expecting him to chicken out and admit his prank first. But, he didn’t. Now, I will never go through the hassle of peeling a kiwi again.