May the Force Be With You: Paris Continues

Day 9

Being the good little travelers that we are, we woke up with not much left on our tourist list to see. So, we went to Champ Elysee (which I can’t pronounce to save my life) and looked at the lavish stores. Ambercrombie and Fitch looked like an actual mansion with towering, perfectly trimmed hedges lining the lng entrance to the store and gold framed doors. Then, we checked out the Arc De Triumph at the end of the street, of course. A city in Europe isn’t complete until there’s some type of triumphant arc in it.

We also found the coolest antique/art collectors shop with things like life-sized Darth Vaders and pin ball machines in it. Blake, of course, got pictures with the Star Wars memorabilia, which he later exclaimed one of his arms looked to small in, so he wouldn’t post it. Lord help me. To also keep Blake happy, we had pho earlier in the day. What is with us wanting Asian food when we’re in Europe? Thanks to the pho in Paris and pad thai in Nice, I was determined to make sure we had a typical French meal for our last dinner in Paris.

We found a super trendy, popular spot called Chez Justine, where we ordered steak, tartar and ratatouille. It was, and still is, the best meal I had in Europe. And, with the large cushioned chairs we sat in overlooking the old fashioned restaurant, it was the cutest too. Still hungry we grabbed a sugar crepe from the street vendor- mouth watering- and headed home.