Coloring on Tables in Paris: Paris, France

Day 7
Nice --> Paris

We left early by train for Paris only to be welcomed by the rain. Our Air BNB is larger than the last and also very clean, but is hosted by a French speaking Asian woman and her son, so communicating with them was hard. Being exhausted from traveling we decided to go to dinner and then straight to bed. I found a popular restaurant in our arrondissement, which is what the administrative districts that Paris is broken up into is called. We were staying in the 11th, near Le Republique and Rue Oberkamp, which is a popular district for young people. The restaurant, Le Artista, gives each table crayons and a mat to color on so it was a fun meal. I also tried foie gras, duck liver, in an attempt to be adventurous. While I didn’t like it, I did force myself to eat it.