Coconut & Opium: Barcelona Continues

Day 4

Unsatisfied with the amount of the city we’d seen, we woke up on our last day in Barcelona and went first to Park Guell- a large park overlooking the city, then to El Born- the most amazing neighborhood I’d ever seen. The stone streets were lined with adorable shops and apartments. I couldn’t have been happier. By now, Barcelona had stolen my heart, even more so than Madrid, which I didn’t think was possible. I sat there eating my 4th coconut gelato of the day, daydreaming of what life would be like if I moved to Barcelona..

Then, after discovering that a few of our friends from USC were in the city, we got ready for yet another night at Opium with Lindsey, Teeter, Bernie and Alex. We met them at their hostel, which was “rock and roll” themed and filled with young college and post grad travelers all chugging vodka Red Bulls, preparing themselves to stay out till 6 am.

Now, mind you, this was a Monday night and still Barcelona’s partying was in full swing. Clearly the city lived up to my nightlife expectations. We headed to one bar with all the fellow hostel stayers, where I stole a bag of chips and then went to Opium… again. We met up with Eve who was studying abroad in Barca. Opium wasn’t nearly as cool as it was the first night, but being there with friends made it a blast nonetheless.