Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Day 9

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Instead of staying out until 4 am today, we woke up then. Before assuming we’re all crazy, let me tell you why we decided to do this after a long day of blistering hot sun. We wanted to see Angkor Wat at sunrise, to watch the day break from behind the giant temple.

Our tuk tuk driver, the same one as yesterday and our new friend, picked us up in the pitch black and drove us to the temple. Now, when I say pitch black, it’s not an understatement. I couldn’t see Carleigh, even with her bright blonde hair, more than one foot in front of me. In reality, it wasn’t the safest idea we’ve ever had, it was definitely how little girls get murdered. But hey, we’re being adventurous remember.

He dropped us off and we wandered blindly up to where we thought the temple was, our little iPhone lights no match to the dense darkness. Once we hit the entrance (like actually hit it by running into the rock structure) we paused for a while deciding what to do with the empty hole ahead of us, with nothing else but black behind it. Finally, we followed a man in who had clearly done this before and knew where to go. He was on a mission.

We set up camp at the very front spot next to a body of water known as the reflection pond, the best seat for the view. The stars over our head left me awestruck. The pitch-black canvas of a sky was glittering with thousands of them. Toto, we aren’t in LA anymore? How anyone can look at that and not believe there is a God who created them, is beyond me.

The sun finally rose, slowly at first and then suddenly all at once. I wish my little phone could accurately portray the beauty we witnessed; it was a once in a lifetime thing. After some exploring we went back to the hostel and slept for hours, understandably so.