Sorority Girls Rule Siem Reap

Day 8-12

The Rest of Siem Reap

Well, in typical Katie fashion, I’ve failed to write since leaving Cambodia. You’d think a journalist would be better at this but alas, my hot mess self got lazy.

I am now in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The second to last city I’ll be visiting. Literally I missed writing the whole first part of Thailand, I have a commitment problem. So, accept my apologies and bare with me as I try to recount two weeks worth of unrecorded travel.

The rest of the week in Siem Reap was spent exploring the less popular temples of Angkor Wat and touring the city itself. The city is adorable and the night life is great. I’ve been named as the “social chair” of the group, a nickname given to me by the girls in true ex- sorority girl fashion. I’ve been appointed this because I’ve been pretty good at finding us fellow backpacker friends.

One night in Siem Reap, we got dinner with a group from Washington D.C. Later, we went to the most popular hostel bar, Monkey Bar, again. Here, we got involved in a huge game of flip cup. And, if I do say so myself, Americans are way better at drinking than other nationalities.

The six of us, 120 pound girls schooled everyone else at the game. Thanks USC for my minor in partying. Fight on. Clearly, our days of endless fraternity parties payed off. We also went out to some other popular bars like Angkor What?! And Temple Bar. Siem Reap did us well.