Leaving the USC Bubble & Heading to Southeast Asia

Day 1

LAX --> Japan --> Vietnam

I’ve made one mistake so far on this trip. I forgot to bring a notebook to journal all of travels. How disappointing, as a journalism major, and as someone who used to diary every aspect of her life, to forget something so simple. Clearly I’m still in a fog from graduating. So, here I am writing in this cheap notebook I bought at the Japanese airport. I don’t actually know how much it cost, though, as when the women who I bought it from spoke to me in Japanese and all I could do was make a dumbfounded noise of confusion and throw money to her. Maybe I should have studied Asian phrases and customs a bit more before embarking on my 13 hour flight to Japan followed by another 6 hour one to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

That is where I sit now, next to a guy named Alex who is here for his friend’s wedding. The flights have been better than I had expected. The Dreamliner was spacious enough and Jackie and I were able to convince the boy sitting between us to switch me seats. Poor sucker sat in the window seat and I swear, he didn’t get up to pee once (Asian thing? – kidding). This way though, Jackie and I were able to synch our movies to play at the same time. Yes, we’re children. We watched “Wild”- I’m trying to get into an adventurous spirit, can you tell?

Speaking of adventurous, I was just interrupted mid sentence by food from the flight attendant. I have no clue what I just ate. Rice and fish of some sort… I think. Where’s my honey chicken and fried rice? Actually wait, that’s the wrong country. Maybe I should have studied Asian cuisine as well before packing all of my stuff up into my car and then flying off to Southeast Asia for a month. But, I guess I’lll just fish out by beef jerky for now. This odd meal was followed by a mini bottle of Fireball, compliments of my new friend Alex. At least that’s a substance I recognize.

Now, I head to Vietnam to stay with Tran’s family. I’m nervous and exciting. There are no showers, just buckets and all 6 of us girls are sharing one room. Recipe for disaster. But hey, adventure, right? I just finished reading “we Were Liars”- a sad book which made me tear up awkwardly as Alex pretended he didn’t notice. Now I’m on to Gone Girl. Why did I choose such depressing books for my trip?

In one day, I’ve said goodbye to my boyfriend, Blake, for a month, traveled across the globe and now sit here on a small Asian plane wondering what lies ahead of me. I’m both ready and totally unprepared at the same time. Stay tuned.