Illness Strikes & Cambodia Arrives: Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

Day 6

HCM --> Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

Another early start to the day as we set off to Cambodia via a 12 person bus. By now, I’ve naturally developed strep throat and some sort of an infection because well, that’s just how my luck goes. Traveling is not agreeing with me.

Cambodia is way more my style than Vietnam. It’s more relaxed, less traffic, more rural and the people are so friendly. Not to mention the kids are adorable. It makes me wish I was here on a volunteer trip so I could spend more time with them.

We walked around the city a bit. Phnom Penh is confusing. You’ll be walking along a street clearly lined with poverty and then all of a sudden look up and see a house or apartment building that looks like it belongs in the Hamptons, not third world Cambodia. Hell, I’d live there!

Our hostel is adorable too. Cute little living room and a dorm for eight, which we share with two English girls. We also went to a market and looked around a bit. I then headed home to try to rest and get healthy.