French Fries & Monkey Bar: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Day 7

Phnom Penh --> Siem Reap, Cambodia

 I was sad to leave Phnom Pehn today since I liked our hostel so much, and it was the first time I found American food (seriously, how pathetic am I). But, little did I know that Siem Reap would be even more amazing. The city, not the hostel, that is.

The hostel has a weird shower that isn’t separate from the toilet and using the shower head is like wrestling a snake. After you finally manage to master holding the shower head in one hand while simultaneously washing your body with the other, everything in the room is soaking wet.

Anyway, I love Siem Reap. There’s a couple streets called “pub street” where all the action happens. The food is interesting, but in a good way. We toured the city today then hit up a popular backpackers bar called Monkey Bar. It’s on the roof of a hostel and has sand floors and beer pong tournaments.

We met some fellow travelers and played drinking games with them. Later on, Jackie, Lauren, Carleigh and I went to pub street. We met a group of guys from Boston and bar hopped with them.  Which, by the way is great, because getting drunk and going out in a strange country as just all girls can be a bit intimidating.