Chinese & Vietnamese: Ho Chi Minh Continues

Day 4

Ho Chi Minh Continues

Today we woke up bright and early to head off to a tour of Vietcong tunnels and monk temples. The temples were beautiful and filled to the brim with monks. At these temples in particular, they practice Daoism, Christianity and Buddhism.

We then got back on the bus and drove to tunnels where the Vietcong hid during the Vietnam War. Everything at this stop was clearly anti American. The tour guides even laughed and joked as they pointed to pictures of dead American soldiers. My patriotic side was a bit unnerved and frustrated and I kept thinking that if I were to bring my redneck grandfather or Uncle who fought on the frontlines of the war here, that a new battle would begin.

But, this feeling of annoyance quickly went away when they let us shoot an M16. My inner badass was seriously excited, even though it lasted for no more than two seconds as I fired off my rounds.

The tunnels, however… not so great. They were so tiny we were practically crawling. I never knew my self to be claustrophobic, until I found myself shoving the girls in front of me trying to get out of the underground hell faster. The darkness, humidity and heat didn’t help the cause either, so I only made it through 20 feet. Pathetic. I can’t fathom what the soldiers went through living down in those things.

We went out once we got back. The night life here is very unique. People literally just sit in children sized plastic chairs, like the ones I used when playing house or had a lemonade stand to man. And the streets are PACKED with people sitting in these chairs, you climb over them just to get a drink. Turns out the Red Bull here has speed in it too, which I discovered after drinking a few Red Bull vodkas.

The night ended after a bit of bar hopping and free shots from strangers. The speed apparently turned me insane too, because the next morning I woke up to Carleigh telling me I had slept talked like a total psycho. She said I kept laughingly saying “Chinese and Vietnamese” to her in my sleep. No more speed for me.