Netflix and Kate: John Carney's 'Sing Street' Is a Perfect Example of What Musical Films Should Be

Judge me all you want, I did not think 'La La Land' deserved the zillions of prizes it won this award season. Yes, Emma Stone is flawless and Ryan Gosling put on a great performance, but overall, the movie left me feeling pretty emotionless. I couldn't help but wonder why they didn't hire actors with a musical background, but instead gave roles about struggling artists to two of the biggest names in Hollywood? Or, why 30 minutes of the montage scenes in the middle couldn't be cut out? Just saying.

One movie, though, by director John Carney, better embraced the qualities of musical films. 'Sing Street' starring Ferdia Walsh-Peelo and Kelly Thornton was simple, sweet and entertaining. Carney has directed other musical films in the past, including 'Begin Again,' starring Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo, which if you've seen, you know it was incredible. I loved it so much I actually saw it in theaters (yes, I spent my hard earned cash) TWICE. So clearly I'm a fan. 

'Sing Street' tells the story of an adolescent boy, played by Walsh-Peelo, struggling to fit into his new public school and dealing with the friction of his parent's failing marriage. He finds an outlet through music and starts a band with the intention of winning over the pretty girl next door, played by newcomer, Thornton. 

The music in the film is impressive, especially considering it's supposed to be the love child of a group of immature, girl crazy boys. And, while the ending twist was a bit off its mark (you'll see), the acting throughout was masterful. The only overtly recognized name in the film is that of Aidan Gillen, who you may know as Lord Baelish in 'Game of Thrones.' (Isn't Little Finger dead already??). 

With the combining forces of the storyline, the music and the fresh faces, 'Sing Street' deserved more praise than it received. That is why it is my Netfix and Kate pick of the month.