The Beginning of it All: Interviewing Whitney Port

If you know me at all you know all I ever talk about are my dreams of living in California and becoming famous. Clearly, the latter is rather ambitious, but I am a firm believer in the fact that if you want something bad enough… you can make it happen.

One of my highest goals career wise is to become a broadcast journalist and to be an entertainment news reporter. Basically, I want to be Giuliana Rancic.  So, now that I’m finally living in my dream state I refuse to let anything hold me back from pursuing these goals of mine.

This past week I worked tirelessly to get something I wanted, and I was able, after hours of phone calls and stressful emails, to make it happen. Even though it’s nothing compared to what Giuliana gets to do on a daily basis, I was able to meet and interview Whitney Port, from The Hills for a show that I am a reporter for here at USC.

Port talked all about her life after college (she graduated from USC) and her career as a fashion designer after being a reality TV star. She was friendly and approachable. On top of that, Port talked about her work with a philanthropy called FACE AfricaShe was so passionate about it and hearing her story brought tears to my eyes and chills to my skin. 

To me, this was all a pretty exciting experience. I was a transfer student who had only previously dreamed of meeting celebrities and rubbing elbows with Hollywood's finest, but while speaking with Port, I realized I was well on my way to making my dreams into more than an abstract fantasy  I was doing what I love to do while also expanding my name as an entertainment journalist. This interview and experience only further confirmed that I can achieve anything I want to, as long as I work towards it.

Clearly, I still have a ton of work to do in order to ever be as good as the hosts and reporters on E! News or other entertainment news shows, but I know that if I believe in myself and never stop trying that I will get there.

Perseverance and ambition are the two necessary traits one must have in order to succeed in this intimidating, competitive world of show business. Well, that, and believing in yourself, of course.