My Hosting Journey and Advice for Your Own

Like anyone who is now growing and finding success in their field, there was a time in their lives where their dream was only a vision and they had to learn how to build their goals.

I've been receiving a lot of requests asking me to explain how I got into hosting. It's a thrill to be able to share my journey with every aspiring host out there. Trust me, I was once in your shoes. Still, to this day, I'm always seeking the advice of FAR more accomplished hosts than I, so someday I can reach their level as well. Success is a process and constantly learning is a requirement for that journey.


So, to each of you who have asked me to give some tips and explain my path: I commend you for even taking the first step and reaching out to someone you can learn from.

DISCLAIMER: Let me take a second to say that I'm no where near the level of success I want to be at in my field. While I've added a lot of lines to my resume, I still have a far way to go. But, I think I can teach you a thing or two anyway. So, let's dive in. 

So you have this brilliant idea to become a TV host, now what?
Honestly, good question. Hosting is a career that doesn't have a clear trajectory. For lawyers, they get an undergrad degree, study for and pass the LSAT, go to law school then pass the Bar. For us, our routes can vary greatly from person to person.

For me, I knew I wanted to do lifestyle, travel or entertainment hosting. So, that's what I focused on. Once I got accepted to a school that offered a reputable broadcast journalism program, the University of Southern California, I dove head first into building my hosting credits.

At USC, I signed up and volunteered for every on-campus show I could find. Luckily for me, USC has an amazing student television station that housed numerous shows that required hosts. For my first year, I served as a producer on two of those shows. Then, by my junior year, I became a correspondent and senior producer for the live, entertainment talk show. And, by my senior year I was the Executive Producer and host for the show. 


It took me three years to get to the point that I wanted to be at with that show, but to this day those three years are what have offered me some of the best lessons on becoming a host that I've ever gotten.

My advice to you is to find programs like this and devote yourself to them. Once you find one, work tirelessly to build a reel. This reel probably won't be any good... AT FIRST.... and that's ok.

Newbie hosts will quickly discover that the role of host isn't as easy as it seems. You will have to overcome stage right, learn to control the pitch and tone of your voice, develop strong interviewing skills and become a master at stand ups and live reporting. It's not easy. If you were to go back and look at some of my first reels you would be greeted by overly orange fake spray tans, a high pitched voice and a jittery presentation. It takes time, but with the years you will grow into yourself and become comfortable on camera. I promise.


So, find a program or a show you can join - even if it's at a lowly assistant position at first- stick with it and build a reel out of it. Go to as many events, red carpets, premieres etc. that you can and always film a standup and a close at each one. PRO TIP: Say your name in every standup... this will be helpful when building your future reel.

What if a school program isn't an option for me?
Ok, so obviously hosting while at college is a clear way to build yourself as a starter host. But, what if you don't go to college or your University doesn't have these opportunities? Don't fret.

If opportunities aren't available to you, make them yourself. Luckily thanks to the digital age we live in, we have endless tools at our fingertips to produce our own shows and videos. These videos, even if no one watches them, can be used to build your first reel. Here's how to do this:

1) Come up with a show concept - what will you talk about? Music? News? Politics? Doesn't matter... just choose a niche and stick to it. Mine was entertainment, hence the whole Lights, Camera, Kate! theme.
2) Buy equipment- Yes, I know we're all poor, starving artists, but I can't tell you how necessary it is to invest in some equipment.
- You can use the video from your iPhone starting out, or you can buy any type of camera that has both audio and video capabilities. I own a Nikon D3500, but that's a legit camera that took me years to afford. So, smaller options are totally fine too.
- If you don't have a super cute apartment or house you can use as your "set", buy a green screen. Green screens are on Amazon for as cheap as $20. I bought a green screen, backdrop support system, and some clamps to tighten the green screen. I started hosting my videos just in my bedroom to give it a relaxed, personable style, but if you are looking to use your self-made videos for your reel, I'd heavily suggest using a green screen and editing in a background instead. 
- AUDIO IS KEY- If your video doesn't sound good, future employers and casting directors won't take you seriously. So, invest in a lav-mic that connects to your camera and then is fastened to your clothes to pick your voice up without echo from the surrounding room.
- And of course, you have to learn to edit. I personally use Final Cut Pro X, which I LOVE, but there are other editing softwares out there you can play around with like iMovie or Adobe Premiere as well. Buy the program and use YouTube or take a course to learn how to use it. 
3) Share your videos with the world- Promote, promote and promote some more. If you can get a following of people who enjoy the videos you produce and star in, then all the better. Casting directors and employers love to see that a host can bring their own, already developed audience over to any show they're casting/hiring for. So, make good use of social media and make sure all your videos are hosted on a nice, little website like mine (I use SquareSpace). 


Yay! You have a reel! What's the next step?
Ok, so you've worked tirelessly to make a reel and get some content to show to employers. Nice work! Now you need to start getting some gigs to make an even better reel and get hired by even more people. I mean, that's the goal right? Obviously.

Here's what you need to do: if you live in L.A. or any big casting hub, sign up for Actors Access, L.A. Casting, Casting Frontier and Backstage Casting. Check these sites daily for open hosting positions and submit your reel etc. to them.

If you don't live in an area where casting is prevalent, sign up for and search local job listings for any employers that are hiring a host/reporter/anchor/spokesperson. I use and they email me daily with open host positions. Other great options are, LinkedIn and Craigslist. Be diligent and search often.

Let's Talk Agents
It took me years before I got my first agent and still my agent today is geared more towards acting, rather than hosting. Once you get to the point where you have a solid resume and updated reel, you can start submitting yourself for representation to agencies. 

Go to Google, type in "top host, broadcaster, on-camera or reporter agents" and start contacting them. Send them a brief bio about yourself saying you're seeking representation, along with your headshot, reel and resume. Short and sweet is best. Some agencies have other specific things they'll want you to send, but all that can be found on their website. 

Don't be discouraged if you don't hear back for weeks, or at all. This world is competitive and an agent may not be interested in you simply because they already have too many people your age, or with your same hair color, on their roster. It isn't always personal. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be sending them your best materials- it just means you shouldn't beat yourself up if you don't hear back.

Practice Makes Perfect
Another tool that helped me grow into myself as a host was hosting classes. I studied first with Marki Costello for a year and then Suzanne Sena after that, both in L.A. These classes will teach you how to handle a teleprompter, what it takes to conduct a good interview, how to deal with a co-host or panel discussion and so much more. Find a class like these in your area and I promise you'll come out ten times more prepared and confident. 


Other Tips
- Build your social media! Sadly, today, casting directors will hire a host with more followers over one with more skills. Welcome to the real world. So, constantly work on your Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and so on. It's practically a full time job in itself.
- NETWORK- I mean, this is self explanatory. The first job in college I got was at The Discovery Channel and I got it by being talkative with the man standing next to me on a red carpet. My "thing" is to pass out at least 5 of my business cards to people at any event I attend. Hate to say this, but often it really is who you know.
- Build a website- Your site will serve as your portfolio and will be an easy, compact little link you can send over to anyone who's interested in hiring you.
Develop your writing skills- I know hosts who have been hired for on-camera gigs because they can write, not because they were the best host in the room. Employers want someone who can do it all.... so, do it all.

My Journey
Ok, so those are my top tips to becoming a host! Now, I'll tell you a bit about my background and journey.

I'm originally from a small town in Michigan and grew up acting and writing. When it came time for me to choose a college major, I decided to combine those two loves and came up with the idea to become a broadcaster. So, after a year as a journalism major at Michigan State, I applied to the top broadcasting school, USC, and to my shock, I got in.

I moved to L.A. to go to USC and while there, was very involved in our student TV station and news outlet. Through the years I was a host, reporter and anchor for the school platforms. 

While at USC, I also interned in entertainment, reporting, writing and production for The Discovery ChannelE! NewsE! OnlineThe Hollywood Reporter and more.

After graduating, I chose not to move to a small town to pursue hard news reporting. Coming from a small town, the appeal just wasn't there anymore. So, I stayed in L.A. and decided to take a risk and not get a full time job, but pursue hosting full time instead.


I got numerous side gigs to afford staying in L.A. - everything from bartender to babysitter- and went on countless auditions in the meantime. During the two years since I've graduated, I've landed a role as a host for an ABC syndicate show, have hosted for dozens of outlets including AARP the Magazine and InStyle Magazine and have done more day gigs than I can count for places like Zip! Japan (yes you can see my face on the news in Japan). 

When I'm not hosting, I'm now the Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief of a media agency in Santa Monica called Red Cup Agency. I've also started acting and modeling more because luckily, hosting is a field where you can easily explore other avenues.

Well, that's the short version of my story, hopefully some of my tips will help you with your path. Leave me a comment or message me on Instagram if any of you reading this need more help. And just remember, gaining success in this field takes a lot of hard work and time. Don't be discouraged if you are not at the same level that some of your peers might be, everyone has their own path that takes their own time.  

5 of The Weirdest Things Former Bachelor Stars Are Up to Now

Former Bachelor star Chris Soules was recently arrested in his home town in Arlington, Indiana after he crashed into his elderly neighbor when driving a tractor and fleeing the scene. The man tragically passed away in the incident and Chris is now facing criminal charges.

It looks like the wildly popular ABC reality show, The Bachelor, didn't lead to a wife or fame for Chris. But, where are other past Bachelor guys at now? Here are some of the weirdest, most unexpected fates of past winners (note, none of them are married... shocking).

Music Festival Guide: The Best American Music Festivals Broken Down By Region

Calling all rockers, rave heads, hippies and chillers... this video is for you! There are dozens of music festivals that take place all across America. So, how do you choose which one to head to? Let me help you out.

Here is a list of 20 American music festivals broken down by region. Start saving those pennies because you'll be ready to party by time we're through with this episode of Lights, Camera, Kate!

What Is It Like On Set For Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2? An Actress in the Film Gives An Inside Look

GET EXCITED! Because 'Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2" is finally here! Chris PrattZoe Saldana, Groot and the whole crew are back for another hilarious Marvel film. So while we all go out and pay for overpriced movie tickets to see the comedy, actress Hilty Bowen already knows all that went on backstage when shooting the movie in Georgia.

Bowen got the role of a lifetime when she was told she was cast as a Sovereign Pilot in the film and, she visited Lights, Camera, Kate to tell me all about the incredible, life changing experience.

From working first hand with James Gunn, to watching Elizabeth Debicki do her thing, Bowen has some incredible stories about her time on set. To hear more about what went down behind the scenes with Marvel, click play!

The Fall of Fyre Festival, What Caused the Luxury Music Festival to Crumble

You either don't have internet access or live under a rock if you haven't heard of Fyre Festival and all of the chaos it ensued. Chances are though, that you know all about the disaster that was Ja Rule and "entrepreneur" Billy McFarland's creation, that fell to pieces after just ONE night of music in the Bahamas.

Guests spent $12,000 (yes, you read that right and those weren't even for the VIP tickets) to attend the "luxury" festival, just to find themselves stranded on an island with no food and barely any shelter. So, how did this event go so incredibly, hilariously wrong? Watch my video for the full details. 

Beyonce & George Clooney are Having Twins, Check Out a List of Other Celebrities With Twin Siblings

Recently the world found itself in an uproar after both Beyonce AND George Clooney announced that they were going to be bringing not one, but two little ones into the world. With the news that two of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood were going to be having twins, it got me thinking, "what other famous people are twins?"

I took to the handy dandy Google machine and discovered there are more twins in this small world of ours than I thought. While some of the names on this list are obvious (ahem Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, duh), others were a shock to me.

Here is a list of 8 celebrities who have twin counterparts! 

Netflix and Kate: John Carney's 'Sing Street' Is a Perfect Example of What Musical Films Should Be

Judge me all you want, I did not think 'La La Land' deserved the zillions of prizes it won this award season. Yes, Emma Stone is flawless and Ryan Gosling put on a great performance, but overall, the movie left me feeling pretty emotionless. I couldn't help but wonder why they didn't hire actors with a musical background, but instead gave roles about struggling artists to two of the biggest names in Hollywood? Or, why 30 minutes of the montage scenes in the middle couldn't be cut out? Just saying.

One movie, though, by director John Carney, better embraced the qualities of musical films. 'Sing Street' starring Ferdia Walsh-Peelo and Kelly Thornton was simple, sweet and entertaining. Carney has directed other musical films in the past, including 'Begin Again,' starring Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo, which if you've seen, you know it was incredible. I loved it so much I actually saw it in theaters (yes, I spent my hard earned cash) TWICE. So clearly I'm a fan. 

'Sing Street' tells the story of an adolescent boy, played by Walsh-Peelo, struggling to fit into his new public school and dealing with the friction of his parent's failing marriage. He finds an outlet through music and starts a band with the intention of winning over the pretty girl next door, played by newcomer, Thornton. 

The music in the film is impressive, especially considering it's supposed to be the love child of a group of immature, girl crazy boys. And, while the ending twist was a bit off its mark (you'll see), the acting throughout was masterful. The only overtly recognized name in the film is that of Aidan Gillen, who you may know as Lord Baelish in 'Game of Thrones.' (Isn't Little Finger dead already??). 

With the combining forces of the storyline, the music and the fresh faces, 'Sing Street' deserved more praise than it received. That is why it is my Netfix and Kate pick of the month. 

My Top 10 Songs to Jam Out to Right Now

If you were to follow me on Spotify you'd see a random assortment of all different genres of music. From hardcore gangster rap to musical soundtracks, I don't discriminate when it comes to good tunes (except for country, maybe). 

And, with festival season right around the corner, finding amazing new jams is at the top of my to-do list. So, here are my top 10 songs of 2017 so far! Get ready to damage your vocal chords by belting them out in the shower, you aren't alone.

1) It Ain't Me - Kygo & Selena Gomez
2) Alaska - Maggie Rogers
3) Chained to the Rhythm - Katy Perry ft. Skip Marley
4) Cold - Maroon 5 ft. Future
5) F.F.F - Bebe Rexha ft. G-Eazy
6) Mr. Watson- Cruel Youth
7) Quit You- Lost Kings ft. Tinashe
8) Wild Horses- Bishop Briggs
9) Machine- Mister Wives
10) I Come First- Terror Jr.

PS: If you actually want to follow me on Spotify, just click here

Women Can Be Blamed for Their Own Oppression

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. It was a day to celebrate all of the strong women in our world, as well as a day to strive towards their protection and equal rights. And while it’s a nice thought, I honestly find it offensive and appalling that society needs a day to remember gender equality and the fair treatment of women.


There’s no denying that females have it hard. Even the most misogynistic of males and anti-feminists can’t deny that some of the basic things women go through, such as giving birth or shedding their uterine lining once a month, is no walk in the park.

Moving past the physical hardships women face, we then come to a whole other level of difficulties. From having to daily deflect and deal with the male gaze to earning unequal pay when compared to our male counterparts, having a vagina isn’t all fun and games.

All of these are things every woman, everywhere, has gone up against at one time or another. But there’s another glaringly obvious downside to being a female that baffles me abundantly more than having to step around a male’s ego if I don’t want to go out with him.

The ways women hurt each other is an issue that needs addressed right alongside our unfair wages.

I’m sure I can speak for the majority of us when I say that women are vicious, petty and hurtful to one another more often than I’d like to admit for my fellow females. It’s hard for me to imagine a woman who hasn’t dealt with the cattiness and cruelty that can come from the wrath of a jealous, insecure or competitive female.

Every day, I witness this harmful behavior women exhibit towards one another. Whether it’s making fun of someone’s latest picture, or is something even harsher such as spreading lies about one another in an attempt to make ourselves look better, this is something all of us ladies are guilty of, including myself. The worst part is that this nature is something that’s taught to us by the media and messages around us, parents, teachers and siblings and is ingrained in our minds since childhood.

We, as females, are shown through society that other women are the enemies. We are told that we need to compete with one another for men, jobs, appearance and everything else inbetween.

I have felt first hand, and numerous times, how damaging the ways in which females attack one another can be. Throughout high school I was bullied by girls whom I considered my friends, and as a result, I now get anxiety to this day when I feel as though other girls dislike me, are talking behind my back or are teaming up against me. And what real reason did any of those girls have for being so cruel to me? While I am well aware that I was no angel, I can only be lead to believe that the real reasons stem from the ways in which we are bred to compete and fight against one another.

We are literally evolved to be catty.

Perhaps it’s the scarcity of high paying jobs for females or the constant comparing of women’s bodies that the media and men alike place on us that causes our pettiness and need to compete. Or maybe it goes deeper even than that and is an issue that developed as early as humankind.

Some researchers hypothesize that female to female aggression results from women’s role in childbearing. Since throughout history women have been seen as responsible for continuing bloodlines, females realized early on that they couldn’t risk injury as easily as men could. They turned instead to passive aggressive ways of fighting, rather than by using fists, wrote Anne Campbell, an evolutionary psychologist at Durham University in the United Kingdom. Perhaps this is how social exclusion, talking behind one's back and indirect aggression started as survival tools and lived on to become damaging to us women.

To me though, it does not matter what the psychological or historical reason behind female’s belittlement, judgement and hurtful nature towards each other is. The only thing that matters is that it’s fixed.

Madeleine Albright's quote (which T.Swift then repeated) “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women" rings true for all of us females. 

Maybe female oppression doesn’t stem just from men, the government or the media, but can also be so incredibly attributed to other women. Maybe we should look inward and realize that so much of the blame can be placed on ourselves.

Maybe I’d have a better job if the girl I am in competition with had put in a good word for me instead of throwing my resume aside to avoid any risk of her career being threatened. Maybe the impossible world of dating would be made a bit less daunting if girls defended each other against men, instead of talking poorly about someone’s personality to make them less appealing. Maybe we’d be out building connections to better the world around us if we weren’t so scared of the cruel words other girls would say about us for expressing our passions.

Maybe we’d be able to unite and conquer the societal, professional and humanitarian issues that are up against us if we built each other up, instead of tore each other down due to our own jealousies and insecurities.

Maybe if women were able to band together, International Women’s Day would no longer be a necessary holiday. Every day would be a day to honor women and as women, to honor ourselves.


Kendall and Kylie Jenner's DropOne Collection Is a Bit Questionable

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are icons when it comes to beauty, fashion and style. Girls everywhere try to emulate their perfected looks and guys drool over their sex appeal. But, the two youngest members of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians clan are stirring up some questions in the fashion world with their new DropOne collection.

The 16-piece collection was released in mid February and let's just say that a few of the products push the boundaries. While the black corset and bomber jackets are on point with trends today, the overly priced "paper bag sweatpants" and a hooded thing that can most closely be described as a sorting hat sweater, have me wondering: "What in the hell are the Jenner's trying to sell you??" (See video for pictures).

A sexy slow-mo video was released teasing the line, which is, in my opinion, the best part of the collection. The rest of the line is pricey, random and instead of being bold and edgy, is just rather weird. 

No more are the days where Kendall and Kylie sell ripped jeans and cut off shorts at Pac Sun for the Kendall and Kylie collection. Looks like the pair are trying to make a name for themselves in fashion by creating clothing that I assume they consider to be fresh and different. But, the question remains as to whether this new style is going to be well received or not. I think no.

The Oscars Got Steve Harvey'ed & More From The 89th Academy Awards

First Things First, Let's Get to the Bottom of the Best Picture Debacle: 

To the employee at Pricewaterhousecoopers, good luck dealing with the horrible day ahead of you. I honestly feel for you.

If you haven't heard (which is doubtful considering it's all anyone is talking about), last night at the Oscars, during the last award presentation, the Best Picture Winner was announced wrong. Yes, the biggest moment of the night was a complete and utter fail making for the next most uncomfortable moment of the year, right next to Donald Trump's power handshake with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. UGH WHY. 

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway presented the last award of the night and turns out, they called the wrong film title as Dunaway yelled out 'La La Land,' when the real winner was underdog, 'Moonlight.'

So, how did this happen? SERIOUSLY, HOW!?

Before everyone goes and blames Hollywood icon, Beatty, cool your jets and listen to all the details. Just like Steve Harvey's Miss Universe debacle, it wasn't solely his fault.

Here's how the epic fail went down: PricewaterhouseCoopers is the accounting firm that has been in charge of Oscar's balloting since 1935. One of their employees, in charge of handing the presenters the envelopes that contain the results of who won each award, passed Beatty the wrong card. This person, who hopefully for their poor sake remains unnamed, gave Beatty an old card for Best Actress with Emma Stone's name on it. Ok, so why on earth did dummy number one do that? PWC has two cards for each winner, one that is kept in case the first is misplaced. So, the employee mistakenly handed the second of the Best Actress cards to Beatty, instead of the one for Best Picture.

Now, here is where Beatty can be faulted. The actor, after reading the card onstage, noticeably realized something was wrong as he continued to dig in the envelope, but instead of speaking up and getting clarification, he instead passed the card to his 'Bonne & Clyde' costar, Dunaway, who immediately shouted that the winner was the L.A. boasting film after seeing Stone's name on the card and... apparently... not thinking twice about why only her name was on their. 

Brace yourselves, this next part hurts. The cast and crew of the film then made their way up to the limelight, and not one, but TWO producers gave their thank you speeches. Ouch. Their shining moment was immediately ripped from them as a producer frantically rushed onstage to clarify the mistake and announce that the low budget film 'Moonlight' was indeed the winner.

I'm cringing just typing this because ah! how unfortunate for every single party involved. 

Apparently, the Academy wasn't as fond of 'La La Land' as the whole world believed, as 'Moonlight,' which cost less to create than every other Oscar Best Picture winner since The Hurt Locker in 2009, ended up receiving the highest recognition.

Oscars No Longer So White:

This, while painful to witness, was a huge moment for the Academy's strive for progress when it comes to diversity. Last year's "Oscars So White" viral hashtag had Hollywood in an uproar, as many ethnic groups were unrepresented in the nominations and wins. 

This year, the same cannot be said as two of the acting awards went to African American actors. 'Moonlight's' Mahershala Ali and 'Fences' Viola Davis both took home the prize. And, a film featuring both African Americans AND the LGBT community won the overall show. Despite the awkwardness, I'm thrilled to see more diversity starting to happen in the world of film. (I won't get into how Asians, Latinos and so many more are still not represented, but hey, it's a start).

Who Else Won?

As mentioned, Viola Davis received recognition for her role in 'Fences,' earning her first Oscar and Emma Stone also took home her first gold award. Damien Chazelle became the youngest winner for Best Director in 'La La Land,' and the film was granted six more awards (clearly they'll survive not winning Best Picture). 

And, while the diversity issue is starting to get better, other controversies were at the forefront of the show. Iranian director Asghar Farhadi won for best foreign language film with 'The Salesman,' but in a stand against President Trump's Muslim ban, he was not in attendance to accept the award. 

But, the Muslim community experienced a victory when Ali became the first Muslim to win an Oscar in an acting category. You go Glen Coco.

Did anything else exciting happen?

The last ten minutes of the award show were clearly the most exciting, but the night held a few other fun moments too. Host Jimmy Kimmel, who killed the hosting game, brought a surprised group of tourists into the Dolby Theater, which led to Denzel Washington even officiating and impromptu wedding between two of his fans in the tour group.

If I were cool enough to attend the awards, my favorite moment by far would have been when candy and cookies literally rained from the sky. CANDY RAIN!!!! I'm jealous just thinking about it. Taraji P. Hensen apparently enjoyed the treats as much as I did as she's become the meme queen of the night, looking beyond ecstatic to be getting some sweets. 

So yeah, the show may not have gone off without a hitch, but in the end, it didn't make out too bad. 

Chrissy Teigen & Ariel Winter Show Off Their Flaws & Promote Body Positivity

Women today are no strangers to body shaming. We're told daily how to dress, what our bodies should look like and what is attractive. We are slammed with images in the media, magazines, online, plastered on billboards and pretty much anywhere else that one's eyes my wander. It's easy for us girls to get discouraged and lose our self worth when we're constantly bombarded with what is supposed to be perfection.

In Hollywood, this is seen tenfold. To be famous is almost synonymous with being beautiful, or so society causes us to believe. However, stars are starting to take a stand against this outdated way of thinking. 

Two celebrities in specific have been showing the world that they love their bodies, flaws and all. Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter to post pictures of her stretch marks after getting a little wine drunk and writing the caption "Whatevs." She then continued to tweet about how she finds her imperfections soft and even likes the pattern. So, not only is she hilarious, but she's showing women everywhere that some minor beauty mishaps aren't the end of the world. 

Ariel Winter also makes the list as a celeb who's been loving the skin she's in lately. She posed topless for Self Magazine and in the spread, talked about how she's dealt with haters critiquing her body her whole life and how she's overcome the harshness. 

These badass females are role models to girls everywhere. It's time that more people say no to negativity, and love every aspect of their looks. Thank you Chrissy and Ariel for that amazing reminder. 

First J.Lo & Drake, Now Selena & The Weeknd, What is With These Weird Celebrity Couples

It's safe to say that Drake is a hopeless romantic. When I picture what it'd be like to date him, I envision a lot of staring off into the abyss while holding hands in silence. Well, not sure if all that's true, but the right person to ask about it currently would be none other than Jennifer Lopez.

The celebities started dating earlier this year and apparently things are heating up. Drake even bought J.Lo a $100,000 platinum and diamond Tiffany necklace. Where's her billboard though, Drake? While the 47-year-old bombshell singer doesn't look a day over 30, J.Lo is known for sinking her claws into younger men.

In the past, she was seen getting her PDA on with Casper Smart all over the world, until rumors of him cheating surfaced and the relationship ended in 2014. 

So, Drake and J.Lo's relationship may not be as surprising as it sounds considering the two are both in the spotlight, have great music (even though Drake's been falling off lately), and the vixen is used to dating younger beaus, but I still find their relationship rather random. Drake and Rihanna will always be my vote.

Speaking of other celebrity couples that aren't my favorite, there's another new relationship that's formed and it's all Hollywood is talking about. Welcome Selena Gomez and The Weeknd; I truly didn't see that one coming.

Or, maybe I should have because Selena sure does love the bad boys (ahem, Justin Bieber). The two were spotted hanging all over each other outside a fancy restaurant in Santa Monica in January, and have been inseparable ever since.

This new love has sparked some controversy as The Weeknd's ex, Bella Hadid, promptly unfollowed Selena on Instagram, definitely messing up Taylor's self-proclaimed girl group. On top of that, Bieber also has been heard dissing the rapper's music and my guess is he's doing so only out of spite.

Personally, I think Selena has been through WAY too much when it comes to her romantic life. She's even said so herself, she's sick of the "Same Old Love." But, like too many girls, she seems to have an addiction to the rush and is back with another potentially toxic guy, because, well, cheating rumors were flying in the air back when The Weeknd was with Bella too. Red flags galore.

Here's to hoping that the two couples prove me wrong and work out, but I won't be holding my breath. 

Footage of Animal Abuse on the Set of 'A Dog's Purpose' Surfaces

I enlisted a very special guest star for this video... CHEWIE!! (I bet I get more views because of his fluffy cuteness). But, this post isn't all fur and love, video footage of a dog being tortured on the set of the new film, 'A Dog's Purpose,' recently surfaced and it's the farthest thing from happy. 

The shots, released by a crew member from the film, showed a petrified German Shepherd being forced into a pool of rushing water, while it struggled to get away. The whole video, whoever is filming is making comments like "Just push him in," talk about insensitive!

Actors and producers on the film have spoken out saying the abuse will not be tolerated and an investigation is underway. See what Mr. Chew and I think about this upsetting controversy. 

Petition Started to Free Corinne from The Bachelor's Nanny -- Yes, You Read That Right

I honestly had a hard time even writing that headline, because.... what?! Turns out, this season of The Bachelor's break out villain, Corinne Olympios has A NANNY. The 24-year-old says her nanny, Raquel, makes her food and does her laundry and honestly, I've never heard anything more ridiculous.

If you don't know, Corinne is one of the contestants vying for Nick Viall's heart and to all of our dismay, the bachelor is falling for it. Corinne uses her body and sexuality to gain his attention and all the other girls in the house are pretty fed up, as is the rest of the world.

In all seriousness, though, any guy who falls for a girl who has no substance and simply uses her sex appeal to get a man to fall for her is not the type of guy I want to be with anyway. I secretly hope none of the incredible women on this season end up with Nick, because they deserve better anyway.

But, I digress. Back to the topic at hand, Corinne's nanny. Just typing that I feel weird! Take a look at how the internet is responding to the news of the full grown woman's babysitter and get ready to cringe. 

Highlights of the 2017 People's Choice Awards

After covering the red carpet arrivals for this year's People's Choice Awards, I noticed that the atmosphere for this particular award show was just a bit different than usual shows. And, it's easy to see why. Winners of these awards are chosen by the people and it was clear to celebs on the carpet that made their nominations even more special.

The rest of the show reflected that happy, positive vibe with a night of overall fun. Ellen DeGeneres won 3 awards, breaking the record for most PCAs given to one star, Fifth Harmony rocked the house minus Camilla Cabello and Blake Shelton wooed us all with his rendition of "Every Time I Hear that Song."

Below are the rest of the lucky winners!

Finding Dory 

Ryan Reynolds 

Jennifer Lawrence 


Robert Downey Jr.

Margot Robbie 

Ellen DeGeneres in Finding Dory

Bad Moms 

Kevin Hart

Melissa McCarthy

Me Before You 

Tom Hanks 

Blake Lively 

Finding Dory 

The Girl on the Train

Johnny Depp 

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


The Big Bang Theory

Jim Parsons 

Sofia Vergara 

Grey’s Anatomy

Justin Chambers 

Priyanka Chopra 

Baby Daddy

Bates Motel 

Freddie Highmore 

Vera Farmiga 

Criminal Minds 

Mark Harmon 

Jennifer Lopez 

Orange is the New Black

Fuller House

Dwayne Johnson

Sarah Jessica Parker 


The Walking Dead


Sam Heughan 

Caitriona Balfe 

The Voice

Ellen DeGeneres 

Good Morning America

Jimmy Fallon 

The Simpsons

Matt LeBlanc 

Kristen Bell

Man with a Plan

This Is Us

Justin Timberlake 

Britney Spears 

Fifth Harmony 

Niall Horan 

Blake Shelton 

Carrie Underwood

Little Big Town 

Britney Spears 



If I’m Honest / Blake Shelton

“Can’t Stop the Feeling” / Justin Timberlake

Britney Spears

Cameron Dallas

Lilly Singh

Ellen DeGeneres and Britney Spears’ Mall Mischief

Mannequin Challenge

Kim Kardashian's Paris Robbery Was An Inside Job -- What?!

Yes, you read that right. Poor Kim K wasn't just the victim of a terrifying robbery in Paris in 2016, but it turns out the crime was apparently also an inside job. The level of violation the KUWTK star must feel is something I cannot even imagine. 

Kim's own limo driver while she was over in France, along with his sister, have both been taken into custody in connection to the case. Back in October, Kim was tied up, gagged and robbed at gun point, with over $11 million of jewelry being stolen.

I'm happy to see Mrs. West is back in the public eye and recovering from the event. Here's to sending positive vibes and support her way as more details on the case continue to emerge. 

Galavanting Into Award Season With the Golden Globes

Get Ready for Glitz:
The 2017 award season has officially started, with the 74th Golden Globe Awards leading the charge. The show was held Sunday, Jan 8 at the ever fancy Beverly Hilton. Award season in L.A. means endless road closures and even more traffic (as if that were possible), but it also means all of Hollywood's biggest stars coming together under one roof to celebrate the best of the best. Each show is filled with the most expensive designer gowns, shoes that cost more than your life and people whose days are unimaginable to us little people. Bring on the glitz and glam.

Who Stole the Show?
If you have to ask this question, then you live under a rock. Meryl Streep had everyone looking at her with heart filled eyes (insert emoji here) as she gave her inspirational acceptance speech. The actress, nominated for her role in Florence Foster Jenkins, started her monologue by naming off all of the different celebrities in the room who were born outside of America. Natalie Portman was born in Jerusalem, Ruth Negga in Ethiopia and Ryan Gosling in Canada. "Where are their birth certificates?" She asked. 

Streep also accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award as she took digs at Trump, calling out his disrespect towards a disabled reporter. "When the powerful use their positions to bully others, we all lose," she said. No matter your political beliefs, I think we all felt a surge of emotion during her talk.

How Predictable:
If there's one film you won't stop hearing about this awards season, it's 'La La Land.' The movie, starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, took home 7 awards, breaking a record for the film with the most wins and beating out 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' (1975) and 'Midnight Express' (1978). It's safe to assume that the musical will go on to claim an Oscar as well. No surprises here. 

What the what?!:
In some unexpected twists, Aaron Taylor-Johnson took home the prize for Best Film Supporting Actor for 'Nocturnal Animals,' beating out Jeff Bridges and Dev Patel. And, Isabelle Huppert was shocked along with the rest of us when her name was called as the winner for Best Film Drama Actress for her role in 'Elle.' Hear hear to the newbies!

Getting Dressed:
My jaw dropped when I saw Gina Rodriguez in her white fringe dress and I cringed when I saw Reese Witherspoon's big bird yellow gown. Emma Stone on the other hand was star bright, but Zoe Saldana less than stunned with her frumpy pink bow dress.

Other Highlights: 
Major props to Ryan Gosling for giving credit where it's deserved and thanking his glorious wife, Eva Mendes, for taking care of business at home and raising their kids while he was off on set. 

And, the opening song for the show might have been one of my favorites ever as Jimmy Fallon and other big name actors danced on top of limos on the red carpet, with funny little tid bits from the 'Game of Thrones,' 'Stranger Things,' and 'Westworld,' cast mixed in. I can go a while without hearing Fallon's singing voice again though!

That's a wrap!
Stay tuned for more award show coverage coming to you from Lights, Camera, Kate!