The Art of Acting

The art of acting is lost on some. People pursue the field for stardom, recognition and money, but forget that the true power of the art form lies within the passion that one must have to truly succeed at it.

That truth is not lost on Letticia Bissondut. Bissondut moved from South Africa to pursue the thing that brings her most to life: telling stories. For Letticia, acting is more than a career.

“Ever since I can remember all I have ever wanted to do was tell stories. When I was little I would write little stories, then story board them and “play pretend them out”. I don’t think I have ever wanted to do anything other than tell stories in some capacity, with my life ever. It was just something that came in my DNA,” Bissondut said.

In fact, she had never even planned to become an actress.

“The acting part caught me by surprise when I was 19 and now I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life,” she said.

Now, many years and projects later, Bissondut has discovered the joy that comes with acting, a high she cannot give up.

“It truly is one of the greatest joy’s I’ve ever experienced. It’s a form of art, that let’s you fully and empathetically embody another person’s experience. That to me is what makes us human, it’s that connection we are able to make to another’s experience,” the actress said.

Chasing the joy she speaks about has landed Bissondut in some impressive roles.

“I have been blessed to work on so many great projects with so many insanely talented people in my career thus far. I’ve worked on a number of films, including "Undress Me" by the award winning Tatia Pilivea. The short was made for Show Times "Masters of Sex" and has garnered forty five million views and went viral within minutes of being released. It has since been featured on Huffington Post, Elle, Vogue, Entertainment Tonight and E! Entertainment.

“I also played the lead in "The Truth About Quiet Canyon Lane" which premiered at the LA 24 Hour Film Festival and was warmly received. I have also done a number of International print campaigns for Facebook by Thomas Prior and Toastmasters and has dabbled in the commercial world and most notably booked a national commercial, directed by the Emmy Award winning Wayne McClammy,” she explained.

An impressive list already, Bissondut doesn’t plan on slowing down. Next on her list is conquering Sundance.

“I just finished a film called “Never odd or even” which I am so excited about. It was one of my favorite on set experiences. I loved working with the cast and crew so much. It should have its debut at Sundance in a few months,” she said.

After years of studying in South Africa, London and Los Angeles, Bissondut feels prepared to continue on in the pursuit of her dreams.

Unlike the more star hungry actors that grace this town though, Bissondut realizes that her dream of becoming an actress is one that doesn’t have to affect just her.

Bissondut recently returned from a two week missions trip in Malawi, where she was able to put her love for acting to use to help those in need.

“My acting came in handy with the kids in the villages, I got to spend a bunch of time with them learning about their way of life. That’s something that acting has taught me from the very beginning, how to be empathetic instead of feeling sympathy. I learned so much from them, their joy and generosity is what struck me most,” she said.

In short, Bissondut is no typical girl who dreams of her name in lights on a billboard. She is hungry, dedicated and generous - traits that will get her far in her craft.