Who Is Kate?

Kate is an entertainment and lifestyle journalist who has been covering the world of Hollywood for over five years. She is a trained host who has access to all of the top celebrities, movie premieres and A-Lister events, giving her the inside scoop on all things entertainment. Kate has interviewed hundreds of stars, including Sandra Bullock, Bryan Cranston, Steve Carell, Robert De Niro, Cate Blanchett, Andrew Garfield and more. She asks the questions that fans want the answers to, and knows how to make any interview into a fun, comfortable space for candid conversation. Besides her celebrity knowledge, Kate also is an expert in dating, relationships and varying lifestyle topics. When she isn't on the red carpet reporting, Kate is hard at work writing articles for various publications, such as L.A. Weekly and working as the Press Outreach Manager for Red Cup Agency. 

Kate's Story

Growing up in a small, farm town in Southeastern Michigan, Kate had big dreams of seeing her name in lights and having a view of the Hollywood sign out her window. After studying journalism at Michigan State University for a year, Kate packed her bags and headed to California to pursue a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Southern California.

Now, five years later, Kate has graduated with a B.A. in broadcast and digital journalism and a minor in entertainment and communication. During her time in California, Kate has gained credits from L.A. Weekly, E! News, The Hollywood Reporter, HollywoodLife.com, AARP The Magazine, CelebTV, Wet Paint Entertainment, AndroidTV, MimiChatter & more. She also ran her own live, entertainment talk show, which she not only hosted, but also was the Executive Producer for in college.

While entertainment is her niche, Kate also has hard news reporting chops as she served as a reporter and anchor for her college news station while at USC. On top of that, Kate worked at an ABC affiliate back home, where she covered everything from a missing eighteen-month-old girl, to investigating fraud at a local casino. These roles give Kate an edge over other Hollywood and lifestyle reporters as she knows how to handle delicate subject matter, create meaningful stories and seek the truth in all of her reporting

When she isn't mingling with the celebs, Kate spends her time exploring new restaurants and bars in the city, drinking wine while watching Modern Family or reading a mystery novel, and volunteering her time for disadvantaged children in L.A. Her passion lies in entertaining and telling stories, with a love for crowds, big cities and adventure always pulling at her heartstrings.